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Board & Staff

  • Rodger and Denise Lester
    Rodger and Denise Lester

    Founders and Executive Director

    Rodger and Denise have 10 years of experience in ministering to the sexually exploited in Kansas City, MO and abroad. Their experience involves outreach, housing, restoration, counseling, and training. Rodger and Denise were key contributors to the establishment of a church located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil that reaches victims of human trafficking in the oldest Red Light District, Villa Mimosa. Denise is also dedicated to the process of holistic healing for victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and prostitution. Rodger and Denise have a heart for the fatherless and the sexually abused. They desire to see all people have an opportunity to restore their lives with the help of their community.

  • Jeremy Tyus
    Jeremy Tyus

    Board Member

    Jeremy Tyus is the owner of Tyus & Co., a firm offering bookkeeping services and business solutions to forward-thinking business owners. He grew up in Central Florida riding horses, playing baseball, and reading lots of books. Since graduating from Southeastern University in 2005, he has worked as a ranch hand, taught high school mathematics and sciences, and served as a missionary.

  • Jennifer Green, BSN, BA, RN, SANE
    Jennifer Green, BSN, BA, RN, SANE

    Board Member

    Jennifer has worked for Saint Luke’s Health System for over 19 years in Intensive Care, the Emergency Department, and Critical Care. She is currently the Clinical Forensic Care Program Manager for the Saint Luke’s Health System over 14 hospitals. She's been a SANE/Forensic Nurse for 12 years and provided thousands of Forensic Exams to patient’s that have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, strangulation, child abuse/neglect, elder abuse/neglect, and assault. She is an expert witness, provider, and researcher for strangulation, choking and suffocation and has trained more than 4000 police officers, prosecutors, advocates, and health care professionals in anatomy, physiology, assessment, and documentation of strangulation, choking, and suffocation. She provides expert testimony in multiple jurisdictions in Kansas City.

  • Caitlyn Lester
    Caitlyn Lester

    Board Member

    After completing 2 years of university as a psychology major, Cailtyn has decided to pursue a career in nursing with an end goal of becoming a licensed Nurse Practitioner. She will complete an accelerated nursing program at Mid America Nazarene, Feb of 2020. Caitlyn is passionate about the medical field because she understands the need for the sick to receive compassionate and excellent medical care.